Messenger Services for Managing Certificate Services to and from Secretary of State Offices

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All listed Messengers are available to help you obtain certificates from all Secretary of State Office

Hire a Credible Vetted and Experienced Messenger Service to represent you at any Secretary of State Office

The Messengers listed below will assist you with filing or obtaining your certificate from the Office of the Secretary of State. Any Messenger you select from our list will make it easy for you to file or obtain certificate(s).

Some of the Most Popular Certificates Delivered or Ordered at the Secretary of State Office are:

    • Certificate of Compliance

    • Certificate of Existence

    • Certificate of Good Standing

    • Certificate of Merger

    • Certificate of Name Change

    • Certificate of No Record

    • Certificate of Status

Requests for Certificates from any Secretary of State Office

Requests must be accompanied by specific correspondence and information. Please, at minimum, make sure your request includes the following:

• A specific letter requesting the handing of Certificate(s)

• The exact name of the corporation or other business entity

• The Secretary of State identification number or the exact date of formation or authorization, if known.

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